Dallas, Texas Is Facing an Addiction Epidemic

Addiction is on the rise across the United States. Each state is experiencing this epidemic, and Texas is unfortunately no exception. We are currently facing a plague of addiction, as more people are in need of treatment than ever before. Although millions of Americans currently suffer from drug and alcohol addictions, these are not the only issues at hand.

Individuals are suffering from Internet, sex and gambling issues as well. Although each addiction is unique, they most certainly share similarities. For those that are affected by addiction, their lives are in chaos. These individuals need help, yet many are not receiving it.

Addiction Is a Destructive Path That Requires Attention and Support

Within Texas, overdoses increased by more than two and half times between the years 1999 and 2007. A fatal drug overdose ranks second in terms of the leading causes of accidental death, only behind automobile accidents. This epidemic is spanning across the United States, however it is deeply rooted in Texas. In Dallas specifically, residents are suffering from severe prescription opiate addictions, as well as a wide range of other addictions.

When you think of addiction, you more than likely associate the word with substance abuse. However, behavioral addictions are just as damaging to one’s life, as the cycle is extremely similar. A gambling addiction for instance, can affect all areas of one’s life. Many individuals lose their careers, families and their health begins to diminish as well.

While focusing on a sex addiction for instance, an individual increases their risk of sexually transmitted diseases, while placing themselves in dangerous situations. Regardless of the addiction, all addicts share similarities in terms of their lifestyles and behaviors.

Addiction is a Brain Disease

If you or a loved one are currently suffering from an addiction, it’s critical that you receive professional support. Addiction is a disease which affects one’s brain, developing over time. This concept has been greatly misrepresented. Overcoming addiction without professional support is extremely difficult, especially when individuals are not removed from their environment.

Addiction directly effects the brain, leading to changes in both cognition (affecting judgement and reasoning), as well as emotions. Simply ‘stopping’ is not an option, it’s not that simple. Addiction is deeply rooted within one’s psychological being, which then creates physical, social and spiritual consequences. This is being seen across the United States, rising at alarming rates.

How Substance and Behavioral Addictions Relate and Differ

It’s important to understand that addiction is not only experienced in the form of alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription drugs. Behavioral addictions, which can relate to anything from food, to sex, to Internet and even gambling can be just as severe.

Both substance and behavioral addictions create repetitive behaviors, sharing many similarities. When there’s an increase in certain brain chemicals, the pleasure center of the brain is stimulated. Whatever led to that sensation, will be craved by the brain. This is what reinforces behavior.

The key difference is that substance abuse can be extremely dangerous in terms of withdrawal symptoms. Drugs and alcohol can create a physical dependence, whereas behavioral addictions are more psychological.

There’s no doubt that a behavioral addiction is challenging to treat, but it does not create the same physiological symptoms that physical withdrawal does. Although someone with a sex addiction could possibly experience high levels of mental distress and anxiety, they’re not at risk in comparison to someone who is detoxing from alcohol.

Weston Rehab Can Help You Today

If you or your loved one suffer from an addiction, Weston Rehab can help you reach your goals. You no longer need to be a slave to your addiction. Through evidence-based treatment programs and services, we help our clients take control of their lives. This is what we offer our clients:

Individual and Group Counseling

We provide the most current and supportive therapy options. Weston Rehab provides treatment which allows each client to reflect within individual counseling and share their stories within group therapy. Individual counseling is essential, as each individual is unique. At Weston Rehab, we understand that customized treatment is critical in terms of each individual’s healing process.

Group counseling allows like-minded individuals to connect and share their experiences. This creates a community, which adds further support. Depending on your personal needs, you will have access to various treatment methods and resources.

A Holistic Approach: Mind, Body and Spirit

Once you arrive, we will evaluate your history, as well as your physical and mental health. Based on this assessment, we create a treatment plan that fits your specific needs. Considering mental health and addiction are closely related, we ensure that both are treated.

We are also a Christian-based rehab center, encouraging our clients to reconnect with their faith. This is extremely effective, as individuals heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you address each area, there’s a greater chance that you will achieve long-term sobriety.

Based on our thorough and holistic approach, our clients are extremely successful, reaching and maintaining their goals within recovery. We also offer life skills training, so that each individual can effectively reintegrate back into society. This helps recovering addicts build the happy and productive future they deserve.

Professional Staff Who Care

We do not treat our clients like a number, as we truly care about their progress and well-being. Our team does not judge, as we all have the same goal. We would like to see you well and healthy. Our clients have access to a wide range of professionals, who can offer them the best possible care and tools to heal.

Our team will not only provide support, but we also work hard to educate our clients regarding their addiction. Understanding the cause and effect relationship of addiction is extremely helpful to those in recovery. We also implement coping strategies, introduce new activities and even mend broken relationships.

Please Call Weston Rehab Today, We’re Waiting to Assist You

If you are in need of treatment, do not hesitate to call Weston Rehab. You can begin a new path, starting today. We will help you heal, so that you can embark on a new journey. Your addiction no longer needs to rule your life and every waking moment in it.

At Weston Rehab, we offer the best treatment in Dallas. We truly care about our clients, as we help them succeed. Long-term recovery is within your reach. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call. You CAN overcome your addiction and enjoy the fresh start in which you deserve.