Prevent Liver Disease Due To Alcoholism

Once you have been heavily drinking for a number of years, alcohol will create inflammation in your liver. Over the years, scarring begins to occur, resulting in poor liver health. There are different types of alcohol-related liver diseases, all of which are dangerous.

Your liver is actually the second largest organ (after your skin), which performs numerous jobs on a daily basis. Not only does it process the items in which you eat and drink, but it turns those items into nutrients and energy, so that your body can use them. When it comes to harmful substances like alcohol, your liver also removes it from your bloodstream.

The Connection Between Alcohol and Liver Disease

When you excessively drink, you damage and eventually destroy the cells within your liver. There are a few ways in which alcohol influences your liver’s health. This is based on three types of alcohol-related diseases: alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic fatty liver disease, and alcoholic cirrhosis.

Most heavy drinkers will experience alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is considered to be the earliest stage of liver disease. The worst part is, there aren’t typically any symptoms. If symptoms do surface, they’re generally associated with fatigue and weakness. The good news is, this disease can be reversed once you achieve abstinence of alcohol.

The second type is known as alcoholic hepatitis, while is known for its fat deposits, scarring, and inflammation. This disease typically produce symptoms such as vomiting, fever, jaundice, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain. Shockingly, around 35% of heavy drinkers will develop alcoholic hepatitis. If one’s case is mild, it can often be reversed. This is why it’s critical to seek treatment sooner than later.

The most advanced type of alcohol-related disease is what’s known as alcoholic cirrhosis. At this point, the normal functioning of your liver will be impaired and severe scarring will be apparent. Between 10-20% of heavy drinkers develop this disease, which is why treatment is so important. Although cirrhosis cannot be reversed, abstinence can greatly improve your symptoms and prevent further damage to occur.

If you continue to drink heavily without implementing proper treatment, you could suffer from liver cancer, kidney failure, cognitive issues, an enlarged spleen, a build-up of fluid, and various other complications. These are just the issues which are linked to your liver and increased hypertension. Multiple other organs are also affected.

How Treatment Can Help

Alcoholism is now a well recognized disease, which is known for being both chronic and progressive. At Weston Rehab, we understand the struggles and challenges in which you’re currently facing. We want to see you well, which means you’ll be living a sober and healthy life.

Based on the treatment plans we offer, we not only target your alcohol use and addiction, but we also identify and target your emotional triggers. We work with our clients (in both individual and group settings), helping them move forward with their lives.

Once stable, we also focus on potential nutritional deficiencies. Through a beneficial and balanced diet plan, we can significantly boost the functioning of your liver, as well as your overall health. Remember, alcoholic liver disease is 100% preventable. Based on treatment and education, you can change your lifestyle for the better.

If you or someone you love would benefit from professional treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will not only help you significantly improve your health, but your future as well. Do not allow alcohol to take your life. It’s never too late, so please call us today: 1-(888) 655-4122.