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Although you may associate addiction with drugs and alcohol, the Internet is one of the newest issues surrounding addictive and destructive behaviors. When you take part in compulsive Internet use, it can interfere with all aspects of your life.

At Weston Rehab, we specialize in all types of addictions. We offer an experienced team, who provide our clients with the support and therapy they need to succeed. You can regain control of your life, all you need to do is call us today.

Risk Factors and Warning Signs Associated with Internet Addiction

Considering Internet use is such a common activity, it can be challenging to understand whether or not there’s an issue. The truth is, there are many risk factors which place you at a higher risk. Based on these factors, our team implements personalized strategies, which heal all aspects of the individuals spiritual, physical and psychological well-being. You are at greater risk if you:

  • Suffer from depression or anxiety: You may use the Internet as an escape, in order to combat feelings of depression. The truth is, Internet addiction can actually cause symptoms such as loneliness and isolation to become worse. For those that suffer from anxiety, excessive Internet use is a way to distract themselves. At Weston Rehab, we are highly experienced with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, which is why our treatment programs are so effective. If you are struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition, we can assist you.
  • Suffer from other addictions: If you are currently suffering from a gambling, drug, sex or alcohol addiction, you’re at higher risk for an Internet addiction. At Weston Rehab, we’re experienced with all of these addiction types, offering multiple resources and services.
  • Lack social support: If you lack social support, you may reach out to social media, online gaming or chat rooms to establish new relationships. Although this can be beneficial to some, it’s important that you establish connections in real-life as well. We will teach you how to overcome your fear of seeking new social connections and relationships. This typically begins with building positive self-esteem, which will help you in all other aspects of your life as well.

Although these increase your risk, it’s critical to understand whether or not you currently need treatment. The following symptoms are warning signs, which is why we encourage you to contact us if you believe you or a loved one would benefit from treatment:

  • Lose track of time, spending hours upon hours on the Internet
  • Struggle to complete important tasks at work or home, due to internet us
  • Becoming isolated from friends and family members
  • Feeling guilty or defensive regarding your Internet use
  • Experiencing a sense of euphoria while taking part in Internet activities
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Strained vision or changes in weight

What Weston Rehab Offers Individuals Suffering From an Internet Addiction

Just like other addictions, Internet addiction requires professional care and support. Here is what we can offer you at Weston Rehab, so that you’re able to make beneficial changes:

  • Individual Counseling: This is often in the form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, however we also offer a wide range of other methods and therapy options. The therapy you receive will depend on your personal needs.
  • Group Support: Attending group meetings allows you to connect with others that share your experiences and struggles. This helps our clients work on coping skills, social support and even issues surrounding anxiety and depression. At Weston Rehab, we’re proud to build such strong communities, so that the level of support is even greater.
  • Family Counseling: The most common area that needs to be mended, is a client’s marriage. We help individuals reconnect, so that they can achieve happiness and a lasting, healthy relationship.
  • Dual-Diagnosis: We offer our clients resources and therapy regarding all areas of one’s mental health. Addiction and mental health are closely related, which is why we ensure our clients heal on all levels.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Through bible studies and meetings with a pastor, you can strengthen your faith and reconnect with God.

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